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Dear Diary,

You were a present from Mr. Jones next door for Christmas. He says writing things down is the best way to make sure you don't forget anything. I don't ever want to forget anything, not ever. I will start at the beginning because  I think that's how you are meant to start these things, aren't you?

My name is Iris. I live with my Daddy, my mommy died when I was born. Sometimes Daddy looks at me and gets very sad. I don't know if its because I look like mommy because he keeps all the picture of her locked up. I wonder if my purple eyes are from her though. Daddy doesn't have them. Although everyone comments on my eyes, all the time. Daddy is never home, he's always away on 'business' he says. But he always comes home quick if a teacher or Mr. Jones calls. I don't know what Daddy does for a living but its a secret, I think.

I have imaginary friends who live in my head. But they aren't imaginary, they are me but from a long time ago. We talk sometimes. Sometimes they are helpful and teach me things. Sometimes they just talk without shutting up. There are a lot of them inside my head.

Oh, have I mentioned I'm a fairy? I am. Ms. Chrysanthemum has been teaching me all about it. We have tea together. She taught me all the rules and that I'm a sluagh. I also met a bunch of other people at the freehold and I made a oath and everything. And I'm learning all sorts of interesting things.

Like Voice of the Fae taught me there are werewolves. Which I think is kinda awesome because that means that most of the movies I watch on tv are true!

And the mage has been teaching me about Occult stuff. Like magic and how that stuff works. Because magic comes from the imagination, and I have lots of that. But I can't do magic in front of grow-ups. It's bad. And there are lots of rules you have to follow. The court system is funny, I think.

I don't have wings though, and that kinda sucks. Aren't fairies meant to have wings? I know the Duke has wings. I want wings, although Ms. Chrysanthemum says wings are not part of being a changeling and they wouldn't work the way I'd want them too. But I think wings look pretty.

Grandma had always told me that Fairies were not to be trusted and would steal children. But Grandma was crazy so Daddy put her in a home. I write her letters sometimes. She stopped replying to my letters last Easter. Daddy was sad that day too.

The part I like best about being a changeling is the learning secrets and the tea parties we have. I like the tea parties. They are my favorite. Because we all talk, although not very loud. We only whisper. Which I think is better. Whispers are scary sometimes.

I think I'm going to help Mr. Jones. He's been trying to write a book for a while, I think I'll go inspire him to write something scary.  

I wonder if Daddy will notice anything different about me when he comes home next?

This is the Dairy entry for my character in :iconhealerrennie8503:'s OWOD changeling game. Not great but she's 5 years old, what do you expect?
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June 21, 2011
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